Project Management and Coordination

Designers rarely establish formal mechanisms for quality assurance and tend to minimize or ignore procedures due to the pressures of deliveries and budgets. These factors, combined with other difficulties of project offices, generates a low quality of executed projects, which is extended to the construction site.
There are several difficulties to overtake in order to improve the quality of projects. According to Bay (1998) other factors are:
- Lack of mechanisms to capture customer needs;
- Excess of rework forced by design changes;
- Lack of coordination between designers;
- Postponement in hiring the structure projects and building systems;
- Lack of quality control procedures;
- Inexistence of a representative of production during the design process.
The design process in construction industry is currently characterized by the simultaneous development of projects by multidisciplinary teams which is supervised by a project coordinator. Thereby, the importance of projects coordination has been highlighted on the market by its character of management and technical support to the projects development.
The compatibility of projects is a living and constant activity during the architectural design and its complementary projects. It consists of activities to manage and integrate multidisciplinary projects, aiming the perfect fit between them through analysis, checks and corrections of the physical interferences between the different solutions presented for the project.  The final goal is to minimize the conflicts between them, leading to the achievement of the quality control standards defined by the client.
Through a coordination process supported by BIM methodology, we will offer you a greater guarantee of coordination and compatibility between the different specialties and a reduction in errors and omissions. By doing so we will arrive at site with a better defined product and a consequent reduction of additives and requests for information (RFI) to designers.
Introducing BIM in the design coordination process means to virtually build your project and ensure that it’s ready to turn real. Through our coordination we will be sure that we’ll have all the boards coordinated and the right quantitative to proceed to the budgeting and planning of your construction.



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