Analysis of the Quality 

Nowadays, there are many companies and designers that develop their projects in BIM formats. However, often, these models are not shaped according to some requirements, thus not serving for certain purposes. In fact, there are numerous modeling methodologies that serve so many purposes so it is essential for any company that develops or receives models in BIM formats to validate the data present in the models, whether geometric or text. The use of BIM models which are not modeled according to the internal needs of each company can have disastrous consequences in the construction. 
Over the past few years, we developed analysis methods to BIM models that allow us to verify its quality according to criteria established a priori.
These analyzes will focus on several aspects according to their goals.

Clash detection is essential when you want not only use BIM models for quantity takeoff and integration to costs, but also when you want to check the quality of the several designs. In fact, the existence of clashes in the model will lead to wrong quantities of materials and resources and as such, will be errors and omissions in the budget, which will have a negative impact on the construction. In turn, the existence of conflicts between different specialties may give rise to delays during construction which will have a negative impact from a financial point of view.
In most cases, companies that have already implemented, even partially, BIM solutions have certain internal rules, certain modeling requirements that all its models should have to ensure its quality according to internal standards.
Often, these companies need to evaluate not only the models received from companies or subcontractors designers as well as their own models produced internally in order to ensure its compliance with the internal policies.
Obeying your internal criteria, we will analyze the BIM models and will develop a full and objective report so that all the elements that do not meet your standards and internal procedures can be corrected by modelers or designers so as to achieve the desired quality and take full advantage of BIM models.
If you want to analyze from an objective point of view your BIM models or learn more about automatic analysis, please contact us. 

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