Monitoring Services and Construction

The management of a project in all its fullness ensures that, over the time of conception, planning, execution and completion, all the activities associated to the project are being executed within the guidelines and marks already established.
So the project can achieve all its goals, it should be planned and managed, throughout the all execution time. This way, planning and management are the main project success tools.
In constructions where a detailed planning has been set, you should monitor its accomplishment in order to achieve the physical and financial targets that the plan defines. 
The physical monitoring of the project can be done through graphics (S curves or EVA) or charts with target vs. actual data. In them, as you identify deviations between the accomplished and anticipated schedule, you should made adjustments (re-planning) in order to fit the goals agreed with your client.
All the services must be scheduled, weekly and monthly, to define a detailed planning. The weekly schedules should be developed in order to meet the monthly forecasts and for its turn, this one should meet the global forecast of the planning.
However, it is not enough to accomplish the programmed physical schedule, it should also be ensured that the costs will not exceed the original budget defined on the detailed planning. The tracking of the progress of the construction costs is achieved by appropriation.
Using BIM and the Balance Line methodology, ndBIM will monitor your construction, reporting you reliable information on its progress and within a useful time. This way you can define actions to mitigate the risk of occurring significant deviations from the planning (time and costs).

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